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Location:At the South Western slopes of Mt. Kenya. About 160 kms North of Nairobi City

Type of coffee: Arabica (SL and Ruiru 11 Varieties)

Climate: Warm cool and wet in about 8 months in a year. Average annual rainfall – 1200 mm

Soil type: Well drained, extremely deep, deep dark reddish brown loamy soil.

Preparation process: Hand picked average red ripe berries

Drying process: Wet processing and gradually sun drying on raised drying tables.

Bean characteristic: Medium, Medium

Altitude: 1450 Metres above sea level

Harvest period: Harvesting – May – July, Oct - Dec

Exportation time: Exportation – July – Dec. and Jan – August.

Shade grown: Bananas - Scattered, graveria, macadamia and other tropical trees.

Bird friendly: Friendly

Fair trade: Not in any Fair Trade

Farm history: Have been in coffee for over 50 years.

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